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Strategies to Boost Your Gym's Fitness Marketing

Are you looking for new ways to market your gym and reach more members? With the right strategy, you can successfully promote your fitness business and increase its presence in the community. Here are some creative strategies to help you make the most of fitness marketing as a gym owner.

Design an Eye-Catching Website with Clear Calls-to-Action

The first step to take when developing a successful fitness marketing strategy is to build an attractive website that accurately reflects your brand. Easier said than done right?

Go to Wix or Squarespace, they have templates made specifically for gyms and other fitness businesses. So you have no excuse.

Now, when I say 'eye-catching', don't take that as 'make it the most over-complicated and fancy site possible'. Keep it simple, keep it clear.

Consistent CTA's

Use clear calls to action throughout the website. These are basically your buttons. Keep them the same theme, using the same colour, the same font and the same text style.

Make it obvious to your website visitors that it's a consistent way to take an action on your site. Invite readers to join the gym or find out more with buttons like 'Book a Consultation' or 'Book a Free Gym Tour' and avoid mixed messages like 'Get Started'. Nobody knows what this actually means!

Make Contacting You Easy

Make sure that all contact information is easily accessible, so potential members can easily get in touch with you. Try chucking a contact form along with social links in your website footer.

Mix it Up

Keep the design engaging, utilising modern visuals such as professional videos and images of your facility, staff and community.

Just remember to keep any media compressed so that it won't slow down your page speed and therefore make Google hate you.

Leverage User Generated Content

Encourage your members to provide content such as reviews, photos, and videos that showcase their experiences in the gym and how it has positively impacted their lives.

Your Members Are An Asset

This can be done from a professional point of view, so sitting down with a videographer and talking about their experience in your gym OR using their own video and images. Get your community to drop their photos in a group WhatsApp and use the best ones.

This will create a sense of trust among potential clients as they’ll be able to see real people who are enjoying the facilities and services at your gym. Post this content on your website, social media channels, and other online platforms to spread the word about your gym’s offerings.

Create Engaging Social Media Content

Another one that's easier said than done, right?

These posts should be designed to captivate current members and potential clients alike, sparking engagement among viewers. But don't worry, each post doesn't have to be viral material. Just make them honest and consistent.

'SOCIAL' Media

Be engaging yourself! The clue is in the title, 'social' media. So be social. Follow and engage with accounts that are within your location and industry and eventually, new clients will find you.

Just be patient with this method, this style is all about building your brand in front of your potential clients and building new relationships with them. This won't result in 50 new leads overnight, play the long game. It's worth it.

Need Some Post Ideas?

Post regular updates such as photos of new equipment or sneak peeks of upcoming classes to keep followers interested in your gym. What about 'member of the month' or a monthly fitness challenge that people can share on their social media accounts?

At the end of the day, it's about generating interest and noise about your fitness business, and it's not an easy task. It's a competitive space but if you set a plan to post something daily, three times per week or whatever suits your schedule, consistency will WIN.

But as a fitness professional, you know this, right?

Does it all sound like too much?

Outsource, it's not a dirty word. Everything I've mentioned in this blog is time-consuming, yes. And to get it done right, you need to give it time and focus. So if that's not something you have or even want to do, outsource it. Job done.

Take a look at my fitness marketing services for gym owners here and if you think I'm a good fit for your business right now, then drop me a message and let's talk it out.

If I'm not for you right now, then make sure you're following me on Instagram for regular fitness marketing tips!

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